harley quinn suicide squad cosplay boots

harley quinn suicide squad cosplay boots are a great match to the marvel character and known formally as the boots named referee 200 from the funtasma pleaser range of footwear. We saw these and agreed they were a great potantial choice for your next comic con or cosplay expo. The harley quinn suicide squad cosplay … Continue reading “harley quinn suicide squad cosplay boots”

Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots Ideas

Today we are sharing a fabulous graphical representation of Harley Quinn from one of our @lsbshoes fans; which is an amazing inked graphic of the dc comics character.  They have incorporated our pleaser 300HQ gogo boot style boots that we have featured previously in other blogs and available on our online store. Pleaser 300HQ Harley … Continue reading “Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots Ideas”

Pleaser 300HQ Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots

Pleaser 300HQ Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots are featured in our friday blog today. For sale on our site they are just released by Pleaser and are a fab top quality conclusion to any Harley Quinn Cosplay outfit. The boots have the required one red and one black boot with an overall tight fitting go-go boot … Continue reading “Pleaser 300HQ Harley Quinn Cosplay Boots”

queen03 Cosplay Harley Quinn Shoes Boots

queen03 Cosplay Harley Quinn Shoes Boots are the topic of todays blog and available in our store.  These shoes are quality made in a daring and dramatic style with cheeky red ribbon and lace white trim.  They have a classic look and have a fab cute heel that has red detail up its stem.  The … Continue reading “queen03 Cosplay Harley Quinn Shoes Boots”

mcmcomiconbirmingham 2019

@LSBshoes sent their special ‘agent wally’ @whereiswallyinuk to the birmingham comicon – run by mcm and attended by a massive group of beautiful cosplayer rockstar superstars Agent @zenith.elprimero ran surveillance and photographed the full investigation … sighting various people dressed in strange disguises and here is a video of what happened … we smashed it! … Continue reading “mcmcomiconbirmingham 2019”

Welcome LoveMe Cosplay Shoes Boots

Hi All, Welcome to our blog dedicated to all the fantastic cosplayers out in the big wide world. We are looking to feature all the fab outfits, costumes and cosplay stars.  From our experience and knowledge of the footwear industry suggest potential footwear to complete your cosplay outfits.  All will be at the best price … Continue reading “Welcome LoveMe Cosplay Shoes Boots”